Secure Online Card Services

Managing your credit card account online is simpler than you might think - discover the benefits of using secure Online Card Services.

SiteKey ™

We have a self-selected username and password system that serves as our first line of security called Site Key.

SiteKey ™ adds another layer of security verification when you log on to Online Card Services to check your MasterCard. It helps protect you from identity theft and fraud in two ways:

  • You know it's us-when you see your selected SiteKey ™ image and image title, you can be sure that you are at our authentic Online Card Services website. This is your prompt that it is safe to enter your password.
  • We know it's you-we show your SiteKey ™ image when we recognise you as the true owner of your account. As an added precaution, we may also ask you a security question to verify your details.

Your SiteKey ™ has three parts:

  • A memorable image of your choice
  • A unique, memorable image title that you will create to accompany your image
  • Three security questions of your choice, for which only you will know the answers. For example: what is your place of birth? We may need to ask them to verify your identity when logging on.

How does SiteKey ™ work?

When you log on, we attempt to recognise your computer as one that you have used before to access Online Card Services. One of the ways we recognise you is by placing a cookie on your computer when you sign up for our SiteKey ™ service. The cookie contains a randomly generated, unique number used as an identifier. When you log on after that, your web browser sends us this cookie, which lets us know that you're using your own computer. As an added precaution, we may ask one of your security questions. When you answer correctly, we'll show you your SiteKey ™. Only enter your password after you see your SiteKey ™ image and image title.

How do I sign up for SiteKey ™?

Signing up for and using SiteKey ™ is quick and easy. You simply choose a SiteKey ™ image, image title, and three security questions. You have two ways of signing up for SiteKey ™ at the time you enrol in Online Card Services or, if you are already enrolled, the next time you log on you will be prompted to set up your SiteKey ™ image, image title and three security questions. If you have not yet created your personalised SiteKey ™ before, simply enter your User Name as usual and click the Log On button - you will then be prompted to create a SiteKey ™.  For more information log in to Online Card Services.

128-bit encryption

We will provide state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption of all data transmitted between your computer and our secure site.

Automatic log outs

We'll automatically log you out of your banking session after a designated period of inactivity.

Automatic verification of details

We can block access to your account if your security details are entered incorrectly.

Secure sessions

All Online Card Services takes place in a secure session, indicated by a padlock symbol shown at the bottom of your screen.

Online Card Services secure email

Secure email is provided through your Online Card Services account, giving you peace of mind that your communications with us are always private.

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